The Company's Philosophy

We are passionate about the development and production of electronic equipment for mobile use for almost 30 years. Only truly innovative and, above all, high-quality product series can successfully stand their ground on the market for such a long time. Many years of experience and our profound technical know-how are continuously incorporated in our products. This is also appreciated by renowned national and international original equipment manufacturers, who preferably apply VOTRONIC products.

Satisfied long-standing customers and the proven long service life of the equipment apparently proof that excellent quality and the reliability "Made in Germany" are not merely promotional phrases for us, but rather the guiding maxim for all our activities. Thus, all VOTRONIC products correspond to the state of the art and satisfy highest quality requirements, although they are available at an economic price.

Everything we do, we are doing for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers.

Our Efficiency

VOTRONIC provides development, production and service from a single source. Thus, we know our equipment very exactly, and we are able to provide competent information regarding technical questions. Due to the close contact to our customers and the continuous pursuit of the technical progress, we are always up-to-date for permanent further development of our products. In addition, we benefit from the commitment of a young developer team, a flexible administration and a short decision making process.

Our Production

Satisfaction of the high quality standards for "Products Made in Germany" on a permanent basis was only possible by inplementation of the quality assurance system DIN ISO 9001, already in the year 2000. As a result, the complex production processes become controllable, and a continuous control of the entire production process is always ensured. Each finished unit will be subject to an additional complete test run before it leaves our house.

Our Service

Each unit is delivered with detailed mounting instructions and operating manual. In addition, our technical support provides assistance to our customers for any question of detail. Our in-house repair service would be also pleased to repair your defective equipment. After a thorough inspection of the equipment and a cost estinate, the customer decides, if the equipment shall be repaired, provided the problem cannot be resolved on the basis of guarantee or goodwill.

Our Commitment

Particularly today, the education of young people is a social commitment, and is thus a matter of course for us. The vocational training in the special field electronics ensures the future of our company and safeguarding of jobs in our country.

As a familiy friendly an optmum compatibility of family an profession is particularly important to us Work-Life-Balance). This contains the advice of mothers and fathers during parental leave, modern working time models, job sharing, flexible working times especially for part-time women up to the possibility to enter an agreement for an additional company health insurance and pension - also for family members.

Our commitment in this context was part of the competition "future family in 2015! Family-friendly personnel policies in Vogelsbergkreis " and awarded.

Familienfreundliches Unternehmen

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