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Products for Campers & Caravans

Baureihe Pb Automatic Charger Series Pb

Automatic Chargers for Installation for the Starter and Supply Battery in hiqh-quality Campers
Optimised IUoU Charging Characteristic Line for gel, AGM and acid Batteries in 12V or 24V Technology
Optional with special Characteristic Lines of Charging for Lithium LiFePO4-Batteries

VCC 1212 50 3326

Charging Converter (Booster) Series VCC

Battery-to-Battery-Chargers (B2B) for an optimised Charging during driving
with IUoU Characteristic Line of Charging (also for short distances)
With special Characteristic Lines of Charging for Lithium LiFePO4-Batteries

VBCS 60 40 430 Triple 3245

Battery Charger Series VBCS and VAC Triple

Combined devices of Automatic Carger, Charging Converter and MPP Solar Charging Regulator (VBCS Triple) or Charging Current Distributor (VAC Triple) inclusive Battery Trainer (Pulser).


230V Sine Inverters

Perfect mains voltage like out of the socket at home
Suitable for air-conditioners - with optional mains priority control integrated


Voltage Transformers (DC/DC)

Perfect power supply suitable for all 12V and 24 Battery Systems
Adjustable, stabilized and filtrated output voltage for saape operation of consumers

MPP260 1717

Solar Technology

Solar Charging Controllers in Series Controller (SR) or Maximum-Power-Point (MPP)-Technology for an effectively Battery Charging in Campers and Caravan - with PnP Connection for the LCD-Solar-Computer


Tank Displays

Precise Display Systems for Fresh Water, Sewage Water and Feces Tanks
Suitable for 12V or 24V Battery Systems

Info Panel ProVPC Jupiter

Combi Panels

Combined Device for the Control of Tank and Battery in Campers and Caravans
Inclusive Main Switch for the Supply Battery and Pump Main Switch for the fresh water supply

VOTRONIC Power-Control (VPC) - Multi-Panel-System for Campers and Caravans

Tankelektrode 15-50 K 5545

Measuring Sensors

Robust and precise Tank Control with capacitive measuring method for plastic and metal tanks
Insensitive to soiling, deposits and solids in the tank - no mechanically moved parts

LCD-Batterie-Computer S

Measuring and Display Systems

Temperature and Clock, Voltage (Volt) or Voltage & Current (Volt & Ampere)

Fuel Gauge for the Battery (Voltage, Current, Capacity)

Energy and Power Measuring for the Solar System

Sicherungs-Panel  Schalter-Panel

Switch and Fuse Panels

Single and Multiple Switch and Fuse Panels for Campers and Caravans
For 12V and 24V Battery Systems


Peripheral Units

Cut-off Relays           Battery Controllers          Power Distributors          D+Simulator
Fernbedienung für Ladegeräte  Betriebs Fernanzeige

Accessories for Automatic Chargers

HochlastsicherungshalterTrenn-Relais 12V-200A

Other Accessories

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