TS-Battery Charger PFPN 1204

On board Charging Converter B2B (Battery to Battery) according to DIN 14679
Article-No. 0694


  Fully automatic charger  (IP65) for charging, trickle charging and maintenance
  of unit batteries

  • Six-stage charging characteristic lines for acid, gel, AGM and Lithium LiFePO4 batteries
  • Fully automatic, unattended charging (no “drying up“ of the battery)
  • Battery capacity 6-100 Ah with charging current from 1 A - 4 A adjustable
  • Input switchable between 12 V- or 24 V board supply voltage
  • Galvanic isolation by isolation transformer
  • Automatic separation from mains of the charging connector in case of missing battery
  • Robust housing protects from water and dust (system of protection IP 65).
  • Optional in specific version for troughput FireCAN-Bus with M12 standard connector
TS Charger 0694


Fully automatic DC charger according to DIN 14679 for trickle charging and recharging from the 12 V or 24 V board mains of the vehicle (adjustable) for the 12 V starter battery of portable fire pumps (TS/PFPN), mobile power generators and units. The adjustable charging current from 1 A to 4 A is designed for battery capacity rates of 6 to 100 Ah. Charging starts automatically, as soon as the board battery of the vehicle is charged during driving or when connected to mains. Four adjustable, 6-stage charging characteristic lines IU1oU2oU3 for acid, gel and AGM1/AGM2 type starter batteries, as well as advanced Lithium LiFePO4 batteries ensure adequate and unattended main and trickle charging, or careful storage charging.

In case of extended standstill periods, lead batteries are kept ready for operation by the automatic battery regeneration and activation of the battery trainer. Input and output are separated from each other by galvanic isolation. Thus, corrosion of the unit rack (creepage) and disruptive discharge of the 24 V/12 V board mains are avoided, the charging voltage rates are observed and neat ground ratio is ensured. After withdrawal, the charging connector will be automatically de-energised to avoid corrosion and short circuits. The unit is equipped with a clearly arranged display of the battery condition, as well as with an audible and visual alarm. A potential-free signal contact allows connection of an additional pilot lamp for "Charge OK". The robust housing protects from water and dust (system of protection IP 65).

Technical Details

 Voltage Start Battery Lead / LiFePO4
12 V / 12.0 - 13.3 V
 Charging current adjustable / recommended Batt. capacity
1, 2, 3, 4 A / 6 - 100 Ah
 Charging programs Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM / LiFePO4
4 / 4
 Automatic separation connector from mains / Protected against wrong polarity
yes / yes
 Connector for Battery Temperature Compensation
 Vehicles board voltage switchable with discharge protection
12 V / 24 V
 Automatic Charging Control during
Driving Mode, Mains Supply Charging
 Automatic compensation of cable length Input / Output yes / yes
 Protection Class/System of Protection IP 65
 Dimensions (WxHxD) - Dimensions ncl. mounting flanges, without connections 120 x 58 x 80
270 g
 Mark of conformity
CE / E Test (EMV/Automotive Regulations)
 Delivery Scope: Operating Manual


TS-Battery Charger PFPN 1204
Anleitung Katalog


Spiralkabel 2317

  MagCode PowerSystem 2326
  C Ladestecker 2323

Helix Cable (Art. 2317)

MagCode Power-System-Set 12V (Art. 2326)
MagCode Power-System-Set Pro 12V (Art. 2328)

Charging Connector acc. to DIN 14690
(Art. 2323)

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