VOTRONIC Power-Control (VPC)

Multi-Panel-System for Campers and Caravans in 3 different Versions



Unit Type Art.-
Nominal Voltage
Board Battery
Switching Current
max. [A]
VPC Terra 1
5741 12 / 24 6 - 60 16 200 x 65 x 28 185 x 57 x 22
VPC Merkur 2
5744 12 6 - 60 - 200 x 65 x 30 185 x 57 x 24
VPC Jupiter 100 3
5747 12 13 - 60 16 200 x 65 x 30 185 x 57 x 24
VPC Jupiter 200 3
5748 12 13 - 60 16 200 x 65 x 30 185 x 57 x 24
VPC Jupiter 400 3
5749 12 13 - 60 16 200 x 65 x 30 185 x 57 x 24
Mark of conformity: CE, E Test (EMV/Automotive Regulations)
Delivery Scope 1: Fastening screws, connection cable of 5m length for Votronic solar regulator or VBCS Triple, manual
Delivery Scope 2: Fastening screws, connection cable of 5m length for Votronic solar regulator or VBCS Triple,
2 temperature sensors (indoor & outdoor), manual
Delivery Scope 3: Fastening screws,2 connection cables of 5m length for Votronic solar regulator or VBCS Triple and for Smart-Shunt, 2 temperature sensors (indoor & outdoor), manual

 VPC Terra

VPC Merkur

  VPC Terra   VPC Merkur

VPC Jupiter with Smart-Shunt

VPC Jupiter 700


The VOTRONIC Power Control (in short: VPC) is an innovative multi panel system for campers combining the most important functions and information in one unit in a user-friendly manner. The information is displayed on a bright graphics display with white illumination. The values are displayed in large size and can be recognized excellently, even at a great distance and with all lighting conditions. Coloured light-emitting diodes signalize the selected function at any time. The individual executions are distinguished by their range of functions, which is adapted to the specific requirements of the different vehicle types. While the version Jupiter leaves nothing to be desired regarding energy supply and levels, the execution Merkur is particularly recommended for more compact vehicles, which very often are not equipped with fixed tanks.

It is also possible to assign 3 tanks to VPC Terra and Jupiter (such as inside/outside tank, summer/winter operation, auxiliary tank etc.). For switching, separate switches 2xUM with push-on connection are suitable, such as the Switch Panel 16 A S, Art.-Nr. 1289 or Switch Panel 2x16 A S, Art.-Nr. 1291

All units are equipped with at least one voltage display for the board and starter battery and with a terminal for an external relay as main switch. An audible alarm (beeper) at the panel, which can be switched off, as well as a visual indication on the display inform, if a value dropped below an adjustable energy threshold, and the main switch will be switched-off automatically in a few seconds to avoid deep discharge of the battery.

The three versions differ in their functional scope as follows:

  Batterie Solar Haupt Tank Pumpe Temp Thermo Uhr USB

 VPC Terra

Punkt Punkt Punkt Punkt Punkt - - - -

 VPC Merkur

Punkt Punkt Punkt - - - Punkt Punkt  Punkt

 VPC Jupiter

Punkt * Punkt Punkt Punkt Punkt Punkt - - Punkt


Batterie Battery Voltage in V
of the board and a start battery
with undervoltage protection for the board battery
Haupt Main Switch Function for board supply
via terminal
(e.g. via Switch Unit 40 or Switch Unit 100)
Batterie * Only VPC Jupiter with Smart-Shunt:
Battery Computer for board battery
(inclusive battery voltage start battery)
  • Battery voltage in V
  • Battery current in A (+ = charging / – = discharging)
  • Battery capacity in Ah and %
  • Remaining time in h until the programmed switching off threshold
Solar Solar-Computer suitable for all VOTRONIC solar charging controllers after 2014 and VBCS Triple
  • Instantaneous solar power in W
  • Instantaneous solar current in A
  • Charged solar capacity in Ah
  • Charged solar energy  in kWh
  • Values Wh/kWh and Ah will be measured, added up and displayed and can be resetted to "zero" at any time.

Tank Level Indicator in %
for the fresh water and sewage water tank
Pumpe Main Switch for Fresh Water Pump
max. 16A (potential free output)


Temperature indoor and outdoor in °C
inclusive temperature sensors


Time in 24 hours format

Dual USB charging socket
5 V / 2.5 A
Temp Thermometer/Clock
Combined funtion for temperature indoor and outdoor in °C (inclusive temperature sensors) and time in 24 hours format.


VPC Terra
VPC Merkur VPC Jupiter
Anleitung  Anleitung Anleitung
 Solar Data Extender 1440

The Solar Data Extender combines the data from up to three solar controllers so that they can be shown on a single display. The usual LCD displays (e.g. LCD solar computer S or VPC combination panel) can still be used. It is compatible with the following devices:

  • Solar Charging Controllers in SR- und MPP-Technology (from Serial-No. 14Vxx.xxxxx)
  • Battery Charger Series VBCS Triple
  • LCD-Solar-Computer S (from Serial-No. 15V40.xxxxx)
  • VPC Combi Panel with Solar Function
  • Bluetooth Connector S-BC
Solar Data Extender 3n1
(Art. 1440)

BootAll Combi Panels are also available with humidity proof  electronic system
for Boats