Tank Displays

for fresh water, sewage water and feces tanks



Unit Type


Fresh Water Tank Display S 5311 12 and 24 1 - 30 47 x 85 x 20 29 x 63 x 18 25 A
Sewage Water Tank Display S 5313 12 and 24 1 - 30 47 x 85 x 20 29 x 63 x 18 25 B
Feces Tank Display S 5315 12 and 24 1 - 30 47 x 85 x 20 29 x 63 x 18 25 C
Mark of conformity: CE, E Test (EMV/Automotive Regulations)
Delivery Scope: Fastening screws, manual, drilling jig

Execution A

Frischwassertankanzeige S 5311

Execution B

Abwassertankanzeige S 5313

Execution C

Faekaltankanzeige S 5315


The VOTRONIC tank displays had been designed for precise level measuring, and they are suitable for any tank material and tank size. The units vary in the arrangement of the three-colour display light-emitting diodes at the range ends and in the symbols imprinted on the front panel.

The tank levels are represented in form of a clearly arranged luminous bar with 10 lightemitting diodes in three colours allowing that the tank levels can be read conveniently at a glance. The displays are working continuously, since intermediate results are displayed in variable brightness. Thus, also tendencies can be recognised at once. During refuelling and emptying of the tanks, the continuously raising or dropping display shows a direct image of the instantaneous level allowing complete control of the procedure. Also the continuous operation of the display contributes to this control. At the touch of a button, the display can be switched-on or -off, or it is switched-off automatically after approx. 10 minutes.

The display units are executed as panel version matching to the VOTRONIC modular system. The appearance (identical height 85 mm) is adapted to the other VOTRONIC display units. Of course, it is possible to retrofit a single display in the vehicle. The small dimensions of the front panel and the particularly small mounting depth of only 15 mm allow an installation at almost any location. Thus, storage space, which is located behind, can be used further.

The units are protected against reverse battery and overload and can be easily connected to the unit rear by means of terminal screws. Installation and operating manual, as well as drilling jig for the furniture cutout, are included in the standard delivery scope. These displays are suitable for 12 V and 24 V operation

Depending on the requirements one of the follwing VOTRONIC Measuring Sensors can be used:

  • Tank Electrode 12-24 K
  • Tank Electrode 15-50 K
  • Tank Electrode 20 K-WC
  • Tank Sensor FL
  • Tank Sensor 30-110 K-FL

It is also possible to assign 2 tanks to the display units (such as inside/outside tank, summer/winter operation, auxiliary tank etc.). For switching, separate switches 2xUM with push-on connection are suitable, such as the Switch Panel 16 A S, Art.-Nr. 1289 or Switch Panel 2x16 A S, Art.-Nr. 1291

Former measuring sensors, tank transmitter sets and tank probes are working according to the conductive measuring method (conductivity). Due to the 7-stage measurement, they are no longer suitable for continuous operation at the tank displays.

Anleitung Katalog

 Measuring Sensors

Tankelektrode 15-50 K 5545Installation outside / Installation inside / Einbaugrafik

Tank Electrode 12-24 K
Tank Electrode 15-50 K

Tankelektrode 30 110 K FL 5551Einbaugrafik

Tank Electrode 30-110 K-FL

Tankelektrode 20 K WC 5555Detail

Tank Electrode 20 K-WC

Tank-Sensor FL 5530

 Tank Sensor FL

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