Series Automatic Chargers for Installation

Series Pb Designed for high-quality campers, special purpose vehicles
and special applications
Reisemobil Offroad  

Series VAC Adapted to intervention vehicles with strongly varying mission cycles  Blaulicht Offroad Boot

Series VAC-Duo Dual Charger for intervention vehicles with 2 independent battery circuits  Blaulicht Boot  

Series VAC-F Built-in chargers for fire fighting and intervention vehicles
according to DIN 14679

Series VAC-FII Built-in chargers in protection class II for fire fighting and intervention vehicles according to DIN 14679  Feuerwehr    

Series VAC-Fc Automatic chargers for fire fighting and intervention vehicles with standardized FireCAN connection (DIN 14700)  Feuerwehr FIREcan

Which VOTRONIC charger is the right one?

For a long time, battery manufacturers were indicating the recommendable charging capacity for their batteries with 10 % of the used battery capacity (Ah).

Contingent on increase of comfort and more electrical consumers in the vehicle, nowadays a value of about 14 % is more realistic. The reason is the simultaneous supply of the consumers (refrigerator, lighting, TV) during battery charging, which is resulting in a reduction of the actual charging capacity. Consequently, this consumption has to be considered for dimensioning of the charger's charging capacity by up to 40 % to achieve a sufficient and quick charging, treating the battery carefully at the same time.

Nominal capacity of battery 100 Ah, 10 % of it = 10 A charging current should be supplied by the charger.

On principle, the charger should never be chosen "too small", because overcharging of the battery is not possible and the number of consumers is increasing continuously.

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