Automatic Charger VAC 1220/30 Duo

Dual Charger Without Start Bridge Function
Article-No. 0631



VAC-Duo ohneFront

Charging Programms:

1  2  3  5

Technical Features:

BR  FB  Kap  TK  TS  Tropfen

Charging Options:

Batterien 2

1 Supply and 1 Starter Battery or
2 Supply or 2 Starter Batteries


  • 2 Completely individual and independent charging parts in one unit
  • Charging programs No. 1, 2, 3 and 5 adjustable per charging part
  • 4 Battery capacity rates per charging part can be adjusted (16 charging programs in total)
  • Outstanding charging technology
  • Port +86 for motor locking while the vehicle is connected to mains
  • Automatic battery regeneration in case of extended stop periods (twice a week)
  • Compensation of the voltage loss on the charging cables ensuring exact observation of the charging voltage rates
  • Separation of the batteries in case of power failure, overheating, incorrect behaviour (safety relay for each charging port)
  • The electronic system is protected against humidity
  • The charging voltage is exempt from peaks, and it is controlled in such a way, that overcharging is excluded
  • All-automatic continuous operation for permanent readiness for use of the vehicle
  • Precise battery temperature compensation, temperature sensor(s) is (are) included in the standard delivery
  • Intelligent microprocessor control observing the simultaneous supply of consumers
  • Inputs for voltage sensor lines, which can be optionally used in case of charging cables in overlength or in case of external diode charging current distributors with voltage loss

Technical Details

 Charging Capacity in [V]/[A] 12 / 20 / 30
 Nominal Operating Voltage (AC) in [V] 230
 Operating Voltage Range (AC) in [V] 190 - 265 (Full Charging Capacity)
 Power Consumption (AC) in max. [W] 810
 Sinusoidal Power Factor Correction (CosPhi = 1) yes
 Nominal Battery voltage (DC) in [V] 12
 Battery Capacity in [Ah]in [Ah] 50 - 230 / 75 - 350
 Charging Current in [A] 20 / 30
 Auxilary Charging Port "S" in [A] -
 Characteristic Line of Charging IU1oU2
 Voltage limitation during all charging modes and programs [V] 15
 Ripple Factor Voltage in [mV] rms < 50
 Number of Charging Ports 2
 Mounting Position of Unit any
 Temperature Range [°C] -20 bis +45
 Protection Class/System of Protection I / IP 21
 Dimensions (WxDxH) in [mm] - Dimensions incl. mounting flanges, without connections
305 x 90 x 265
 Weight in [g] 3750
 Mark of conformity (CE) EN 60335-2-29
 Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air:  max. 95 % RH, No Condensation
 Delivery Scope: Mains supply cable, 2 Temperature Sensors, Operating Manual

Charging Programs

1 „Gel“: Charging Program for Gel Batteries, Characteristic Line IU1oU2oU3
Adapted to closed, gas-tight gel/dryfit batteries with determined electrolyte, which are generally requiring a higher charging voltage level and longer dwell times U1 to achieve short charging times with particularly high capacity storage and to avoid total discharge. Also recommended for EXIDE MAXXIMA a high-current battery in AGM filament technology.

2 „AGM“: Charging Program for AGM/Fleece Batteries, Characteristic Line IU1oU2oU3
Adapted to charging closed, gas-tight AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries and batteries in lead-fleece technology requiring a particularly high level U1 with adapted dwell times for full charging and after that a moderate level U2 for trickle charge (round cell and plate technology).

3 "DIN 0510“: Charging Program for Lead, Acid/Lead-Acid Batteries, Characteristic Line IU1oU2oU3
General characteristic line DIN for charging and conservation to charge of open and closed lead storage batteries with removable cell plugs and possibility of acid level control and acid level correction (maintenance). Also suitable for recently developed, closed battery types (low-antimonous, with lead-silver alloy, calcium etc.) with low and very low water consumption.
Allows short charging times with high level U1, high charging factor and high acid mixing, even during stationary application (acid accumulation) of "wet" drive, lighting, solar, heavy duty and standard batteries.

5 „MOTOR“: Charging Program for Lead, Acid/Lead-Acid Batteries, Characteristic Line IU1oU2oU3 Characteristic line similar to dynamo/generator for mobile application (acid accumulation) with particularly low maintenance (battery gassing, water consumption). Charging and conservation of charge of starter batteries in intervention vehicles, according to a customary suggestion of the Standard Committee Fire Protection (FNFW). For conventional, standard starter batteries, starter batteries being "absolutely maintenance-free", "maintenance-free according to EN", "maintenance-free according to DIN", "maintenance-free", "lowmaintenance".

Technical Features

BR Automatic battery regeneration   FB Connection remote control / remote indicator
Kap Battery capacity (size) adjustable   TK Temperature compensation
TS Temperature sensor is included
in the standard delivery
  Tropfen Electronic system humidity-proof


Anleitung Katalog


Fernanzeige S Duo 2078   Betriebs Fernanzeige IP67 2081   Batterie-Status-Anzeige 2082

Remote Control S (Art. 2078)

Remote Indicator IP67 (Art. 2081)

Charger State Monitor IP67 (Art. 2082)

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