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VOTRONIC automatic chargers ensure correct battery charging due to advanced charging technology. They are suitable for all conventional lead batteries (refer to chapter charging technology). The VOTRONIC peripheral units are the right choice for appropriate treatment of batteries in daily use. They work in the background and ensure automated charging control and battery control.
For campers, ambulances or intervention vehicles etc. the batteries must supply energy even during standstill of the vehicles. These vehicles are mostly equipped with several batteries being used separately for driving and standstill.
Distinction is made between starter and supply battery (batteries). As already recognizable by the name, the starter battery is responsible for a reliable start of the vehicle, while the other battery (batteries) takes (take) over the supply of the electric appliances in the vehicle. To ensure reliable operation of each battery circuit and the vehicles’ electric supply, different units are required for charging control during driving.

Unit Type
Switching Current Cut-off Relay during Driving Mode
Charging Current during Stand-still Mode for Starter Batt.
StandBy Charger 12V 3065 12 - - 0 - 3 52 A
StandBy Charger 24V 6065 24 - - 0 - 2 52 B
Dimensions (W x D x H): 90 x 60 x 38 mm
Mark of Conformity: CE, E Test (EMV/Automotive Regulations)
Delivery Scope: Operating Manual

StandBy Charger

The VOTRONIC StandBy Charger serves for automatic recharging and trickle charge of the starter battery or the auxiliary battery, if the mains supply charger, the solar charging controller or the generator is equipped with only one charging port. Retrofit of the unit is very easy by just interconnecting it between board battery and starter battery or board battery and auxiliary battery, without having to change the cabling.

If the mains supply charger operates and charges the board battery, a small part of the charging current - depending on the charging condition - will be charged to the second battery (starter battery or auxiliary battery). This trickle charge is effected automatically and can be recognized by an increased voltage of the second battery. Overcharging of the second battery is excluded, since the charging voltage is reduced by at least 0.6 V and the charging current is limited for 12V to 2 A and for 24V to 2A.

Make sure that both batteries have the same rated battery voltage 12 V / 12 V or 24 V / 24 V, because mixed operation 12 V and 24 V is not permitted.

The device is only suitable for use with lead batteries (acid/GEL/AGM technology), not for the combination of LiFePO4 and lead (starter) batteries.

StandBy Charger Anleitung Katalog

Execution A

StandBy-Charger 3065

 Execution B

StandBy-Charger 24V 6065

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