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via Bluetooth-Connector S-BC - Article-No. 1430




  • Compatible with LCD Battery Computer S and VPC Jupiter with Smart-Shunt
  • Compatible with Votronic Solar Charging Controller (SR and MPP) from 2014 with LCD Solar Computer S
  • Solar and battery information via a common communication module (dual mode)
  • Easy installation (plug & play)
  • Retrofittable at any time
  • Compact design and minimum current consumption
  • Connection via Bluetooth 4.0 (2.4 GHz)
  • Open-air range up to 50 m
  • • Free App (Android and iOS)Export as CSV file for purposes of analysis
Android for Android from 5.0
IOS from iOS 8.2 iPhone (from 5) or iPad (from 3rd generation)


The Votronic Energy Monitor is a special communication module (Bluetooth connector S-BC). Combined with a Votronic Solar Charging Converter (from 2013) with LCD Solar Computer S and/or the LCD Battery Computer S or VPC Jupiter with Smart Shunt, the values, which are indicated on a corresponding display, are communicated to a mobile terminal device via Bluetooth. The required app for Android or iOS can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store or IOS App Store.Anschlulss 1430 1 EN

Connection of the Bluetooth Connector S-BC is simple as can be. Connect the delivered modular cable to the Votronic Solar Charging Controller and the LCD Solar Computer S or to the Smart Shunt and the LCD Battery Computer S or the VPC Jupiter.

The unit is equipped with 2 inputs and 2 outputs allowing the connection of 1 solar controller with LCD Solar Computer and 1 Smart Shunt with LCD Battery Computer or VPC Jupiter at a time.

In this way, all information of the board battery, such as voltage, charging current, discharging current, the residual capacity and all data of the solar system can be read conveniently via mobile phone or tablet. In addition, the most important data are recorded and graphically represented, and they are stored for a longer period. Also, an export as CSV file for purposes of analysis is possible. Later installation of the Bluetooth Connector S-BC is possible at any time.

The Bluetooth-Connector S-BC is compatibel to the following devices:
- VOTRONIC Solar-Charging-Regulator in SR- and MPP-Technology fromm 2014 (Serial-Number 14Vxx.xxxxx)
- Battery Charger Series VBCS-Triple
- LCD Batterie Computer S with Smart Shunt (all executions)
- VPC Jupiter with Smart Shunt (all executions)


The VOTRONIC Energy Monitor App is currently being revised to meet the requirements of the current and future Android versions. The VOTRONIC Energy Monitor App is therefore currently not available for Android versions 12 and higher via the Google Play Store. Further Information you will find here.

Technical Details:

 Unit Type
Bluetooth Connector S-BC
 Dimensions (WxDxH) in [mm]
75 x 47 x 24
 Weight in [g] 37
 Mark of Conformity
CE, E-Prüfung (EMV/Kfz-Richtlinie)
 Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air, max. 95 % RH, no condensation
 Delivery Scope: Operating Manual 2x Control Cable 6-pin 1 m length
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