Series VBCS Triple-CI - Installation -

Devices with humidity-proof Electronic-System for Boats

Unit type Art.-
Charging Capacity
Mains Operation

Charging Capacity Charging Converter
Board battery
[A max.]
Capacity Solar Module
[Wp max.]
[A/V max.]
Charging Capacity
[A max.]
VBCS 30/20/250 Triple-CI 13242 45 - 280 20.0 / 4.0 30.0 40 - 250 15.0 / 36.0 18.0 / 4.0 2700
VBCS 45/30/350 Triple-CI 13244 68 - 420 30.0 / 5.0 45.0 50 - 350 21.0 / 36.0 25.5 / 5.0 2850
VBCS 60/40/430 Triple-CI 13246 90 - 560 40.0 / 5.0 60.0 60 - 430 26.0 / 36.0 31.5 / 5.0 2900
Nominal Operating Voltage (AC): 110 V - 230 V / 45 - 65 Hz worldwide

VBCS 30 20 250 Triple CI 3242Dimensions (W x D x H): 217 x 85 x 250 mm
incl. mounting flanges, without connections

The creation of the Battery Charger VBCS Triple is a completely new unit combination consisting of a Mains Charger Pb, a Charging Converter VCC and a Solar Controller MPP, which ensures the energy supply on bord. The batteries will always be charged automatically, regardless if during driving or at the anchor. Particularly the amply dimensioned charging capacity of the integrated charging converter of 30, 45 or 60 A ensures battery charging with full charging current, even at short distances, and that it is fully charged at the destination.

Regarding quality, equipment and functions, the series VBCS Triple is identical to the VOTRONIC individual units, and it distinguishes itself by the particularly compact and lightweight design. The units extremely contribute to cost saving and help to gain valuable space in the camper. Acquisition, installation, cabling and connection wiring are reduced to a minimum in order to conserve valuable resources.

Designed for well-established battery sizes, three different unit combinations are available. All units are equipped with 8 characteristic lines of charging for lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries, as well as - future-proof - for Lithium LiFePO4 batteries. The integrated battery trainer keeps the board batteries ready for operation during extended stop periods.

The LCD-Charge Control S, which had been developed specifically for this charging unit, indicates all important unit information. Furthermore, the charger can be adapted to the energy supply of the anchor. All Battery Chargers VBCS Triple are also compatible to all VPC Combi Panels with Solar Computer Function.

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