Charging Converter Technology

Optimised Charging of the Supply Battery during driving - also for short distances
(Suitable for use on any alternator)

Euro6 EN

The problem is long-known, but even so annoying again and again: Despite powerful dynamo, the board battery is not charged fully, even when driving longer distances. This is caused by long cable paths, small cable cross-sections and strongly varying charging conditions of starter battery and board battery. Besides, supply of these consumers during driving is required. This is resolvable by the VOTRONIC Charging Converters, charging the board battery quickly and gently according to the specifications of the battery manufacturers. Even at short distances, the battery will be charged with full charging current. Losses due to long charging cables in big vehicles, as well as voltage fluctuations at the dynamo (Euro 6) are compensated.

With the appropriate unit, optimum supply of vehicles with 12 V and 24 V board voltage is ensured. Of course, with galvanic isolation. This avoids voltage puncture in case of failure, undesirable back discharges and suppresses interferences of the board mains. The compact units are in no way inferior to the mains chargers of the same construction. Also here, an intelligent microprocessor controls the robust power electronics and ensures optimum charging and safe operation. The six phased charging current curve can be used on not only the more classical lead-acid, gel, and AGM batteries, but also on the more modern lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. The simultaneous supply of the connected consumers is effected automatically, even in case of strongly loaded board mains. The automatic power control gives the required safety and ensures the vehicle's starting ability.

  • High charging capacity, already within short distances
  • Significantly improved energy balance of the supply circuit
  • Outstanding protection of the supply battery and the connected consumers against sometimes very strong voltage fluctuations of dynamically controlled dynamos of newer vehicles
  • During longer distances, the IU1oU2 charging technology achieves full charging and overcharging is reliably excluded
  • Optimised characteristic lines of charging adjustable for all acid battery types by battery selector switch (acid, gel, AGM)
  • Special characteristic lines of charging for LiFePO4 batteries
  • Automatic, adjustable power control giving priority to charging of the starter battery by the dynamo in case of strong loaded vehicle mains to ensure that the vehicle can be started at any time
  • In case of simultaneous consumption during parallel and floating operation, charging of the battery is continued or trickle charging is effected. Calculation and control of the adaptation of the charging time is effected automatically by the charging converter
  • The integrated temperature compensation automatically ensures the individual adaptation of the charging voltage to the battery temperature independently of the dynamo. Battery Temperature Sensor, Art. 2001, is required
  • Simple installation, no interventions in the starter circuit required. The unit is switched into the charging cable to the supply battery
  • Also suitable for an operation with EBL (electroblock) or EVS
  • Integrated on-board mains suppression filter ensures unproblematic parallel operation of solar systems, mains chargers and other charging sources at one battery
  • Galvanic isolation between input and output ensures absolute separation of the battery circuits for outstanding suppression of failures, for neat ground ratio on both sides, also with long supply cables, safety in case of failure (puncture 12 V/24 V or 24 V/12 V is not possible) and reliably avoids undesirable back discharge of the battery circuits
  • If required, the measuring input allows a pure voltage control of the unit
  • The application range of the unit also covers perfect battery charging in great distance of the dynamo in large vehicles, trailers, supply containers etc.

If higher capacity is required, operation of two units in parallel operation is possible.
The charging capacity is then up to 12 V/180 A

The charging converters excel by their compact design, low weight (high-frequency switch mode technology), powerfully dimensioned power components and consequently full charging capacity, even with long charging cables or strong
voltage fluctuations at the starter battery (EURO Standard 6, 6 + plus vehicles). 6 Pilot lamps always inform about the operating state of the unit. The connection of a Remote Control plug-in type, is provided and can easily be realised.

Charging of modern Lithium batteries with devices which are used for ordinary batteries in lead-acid-technology (incl. Gel or AGM) will cause probably, that the advantages of this new technology (capacity, number or cycles etc.) is not fully usable.

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