Temperature Compensation

For temperature measurement, the Temperature Sensor (TS) is installed at the battery (e. g. in the centre of the battery, at the positive pole or negative pole by clamping it below). The temperature sensor effects an adaptation of the charging voltage to the battery temperature. In case of low outside temperatures, full charging is improved, and in case of high temperatures a protection against gassing is effected caring the battery..

Ladespannung Saeure AGM1 e Ladespannung Gel e
 Charging Voltage AGM/Acid Batteries

Charging Voltage Gel Batteries
Ladespannung AGM2 e Ladespannung LiFePO4 14V4 e
 Charging Voltage AGM Batteries  Charging Voltage LiFePO4 Batteries (Example)

The sensor is connected to the charger or solar controller, which are checking it permanently for correct operation.

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