230 Volts alternating voltage like out of the socket

When being on the road with a vehicle, nobody wants to renounce comforts. Electronic equipment not only improves the comfort in the leisure vehicle, but is also decisive for the equipment in ambulance cars or fire fighting vehicles. These electronic appliances might be sensitive medical equipment, computers, video and TV systems, electrical tools or the preferred espresso machine. Since, however, all units require 230 V supply voltage, use in a vehicle requires transformation of the direct current (DC) of the battery to alternating current (AC). The inverter takes over this task. It supplies a steady, crystal exact, sinusoidal alternating current of 230 V / 50 Hz, which is suitable for 230 V consumers.

The VOTRONIC MobilPOWER Inverters of series SMI SINUS convert the battery voltage (12 V DC) into pure sinusoidal 230 V alternating voltage (AC) for operation of all appliances requiring mains supply. They are designed in advanced switch mode technology for continuous operation in intervention vehicles and special purpose vehicles and high-quality campers. They are of compact lightweight design, and they distinguish by high output capacity and low consumption at the same time.

An intelligent control for power saving with automatic disconnection allows uninterrupted operation of powerful 230 V consumers, as well as of small, sensitive appliances with minimum battery consumption. Numerous integrated protective circuits, robust power electronics and intelligent microprocessor control ensure a very high overload capacity (starting current of consumers) and high operating safety, even in case of unfavourable operating conditions, in the long run.

Depending on the fitting position, the removable control panel can be installed conveniently, or it can even be used as remote control in the cabin (connection cable of a length of 5 m is provided).

Six light-emitting diodes indicate the operating state, as well as the instantaneous values of the range of capacity. Of course, the unit can also be switched-on and off by means of the remote control.

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