Mains Priority Control (NVS)

The precious battery capacity being only available within limits should not be wasted for the 230 V consumers, if 230 V mains voltage is at disposal via the country current connection at the vehicle. With the VOTRONIC Sine Inverters of type -NVS with automatic mains priority control, continual changing from the mains socket at the inverter (driving mode) to the internal 230 V vehicle socket (standstill with mains supply) is avoided. The mains priority control recognizes if 230 V country current is available and disconnects the inverter, so that the 230 V appliances at the internal vehicle sockets will be supplied with country current, and the battery is not discharged unnecessarily. As soon as the vehicle is separated from the country current, the inverter automatically (adjustable) resumes the supply of the 230 V appliances.

This intelligent device ensures, that 230 V alternating voltage will always be supplied to the sockets in the vehicle.

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