Level Sensor Technology

The tank transmitters measure the tank level, and the measured value will be led to the display unit by means of only 2 cables. The 12 V or 24 V power supply of the tank transmitters is effected from the display. In quiescent condition, they are completely dead. The electronic system (IP 67) is sealed and frost-proof, thus being also suitable for problematic locations, such as at underfloor tanks! All VOTRONIC measuring sensors are working independently of pressure. Therefore, a falsification of the measured values in case of overpressure in the tank, pressure filling etc. is avoided. The standard delivery includes a protection against reverse battery, overvoltage, short-circuit and overload.

  • Suitable for plastic and metal tanks
  • Insensitive to soiling and deposits in the water
  • No mechanically moved parts
  • Easy adaptation to the existing tank height
  • Exact Calibration
  • Robust fully-electronic capacitive measuring method
  • Linear, continuous signal of the level


Demo TankanzeigeWith the capacitive measuring method an insulated measuring electrode and the surrounding medium (water) are forming an electric capacitor. With increasing level, also this “capacity” will be increased. The electronic system evaluates this effect by means of a small alternating voltage rate and gives an electric signal to the display unit, which is equivalent to the level. Apart from the continuous measurement, the further advantage of this measuring method is its deep action and thus the insensitiveness to soiling, deposits and solids in the tank. Depending on the type of transmitter the insulated measuring electrode is executed as stick probe or flexible cord probe for various installation possibilities, tank heights and mounting situations at the tank.


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