SR Technology or MPP-Technology

Two control methods are at disposal: Controllers of the VOTRONIC Series SR are designed according to the proved Series controller technology. This technology is a widespread, simple, reliable, and an economic control method.

The technology of the MPP controllers with maximum power point control is much more extensive. Firstly, the units automatically determine the optimum power yield (Peak) from the solar module. Secondly, the voltage surplus between solar module and battery will be transformed to a higher battery charging current. These processes will be measured, calculated and executed several times per second, thus ensuring an optimum adaptation of the solar module to the battery and the best possible power yield of the solar system. In contrast to conventional controllers, the charging current increase is approx. 10 - 30 %.

The following questions play a decisive role for the choice:

  • Is the comparatively uncomplicated but low-priced Series control sufficient
    or shall the system be ready to supply maximum energy at any time and in any situation?
    Due to the MPP (MPT, PPT) technology the controller calculates automatically and continuously the maximum power yield of the solar modules. A special high-frequency switching controller technology with high efficiency makes it possible and thus ensures shorter charging times and the best possible power yield of the solar system.

  • Are you preferably moving in cooler regions, are you even a winter camper
    or are you preferably visiting warmer climes?

    Since the cell voltage of the solar modules drops with increasing temperature, the additional power yield by means of the MPP controller in warmer climes is lower than in case of lower temperatures.

  • Shall the connected consumers be used also during the day,
    or shall power which is produced during the day, preferably be at disposal in the evening?

    The additional cost for a MPP controller is particularly recommended, if the battery is discharged by the consumers also during the day (such as by a compressor refrigerator). If the power, which is produced during the day, is consumed primarily in the evening, the SR controller is rather recommendable, since the capacity storage in the battery (Ah) needs more time anyway than the increase of the battery voltage.
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