General technical Details of the Solar Charging Controllers

Series SR and MPP

The exact and specific details for each charging controller you will find on our website in the description of the device or in the operating manual.

Unit Execution:
12 V and 24 V
Overcharge protection: yes
Characteristic line of charging: IU1oU2
Reverse current protection (night operation): yes
Integrated on-board mains suppression filter, unproblematic parallel operation
of chargers, dynamos, generators at the same battery:
Protection against overload, overheating, short-circuit, reverse battery: yes
Automatic battery temperature compensation, designed separately for acid, gel and AGM batteries, temperature sensor, Art. 2001, required: yes
Automatic compensation of voltage loss on the charging cables: yes
Overvoltage limitation for protection of sensitive consumers: yes
Charging Timer: 2-fold
Ambient temperature range: -20 to +45 °C
Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air: max. 95 % RH
Mark of conformity: CE, E Test
(EMV/Automotive Regulations)
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